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Attorney Tovarez, accepted our case after our first attorney took our $1500 dollars, gave us mis-leading information and we almost lost our home and our Chapter 13 case was in process for over 8 months!! David stepped in and saved our case and had the entire process completed in 8 weeks. He is professional, dependable and very honest. I highly recommend David and his firm. Don't make the mistakes we did the 1st time around!

I had talked to several other lawyers before settling on . None of them seemed to have the background that I felt necessary to handle my case with me.
Ms Bidwell spoke to me as an equal, explained each step that was to be taken and why. She not only comunicated clearly with me but with other people in my life that this case was going to effect as well. Her work ethic is amazing. There were times that I would email her a question or paperwork in the late evening (not anticipating an answer till the following day) and received a reply from her that evening or at the very least the next morning.
She checked in with me just to see how things were going after the case was finished, bringing a personal touch to law and forever changing what I feel a lawyer should be.

David was very helpful, he explained everything that I could expect during my case and was on top of everything. I felt very secure knowing that I had great representation. When I went to court there were many people there whose lawyers did not even come, they either were not there, or had sent a substitute. David gave me 100% of his time and attention, and was there with me EVERY step of the way. I highly recommend him.

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