What Is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Like other types of bankruptcy, Chapter 13 will immediately put an automatic stay into effect. This orders your creditors to stop contacting you in any way. It will also put an end to wage garnishment and creditor lawsuits. Most importantly, it will halt home foreclosure proceedings in their tracks.

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How Does Chapter 13 Work?

While Chapter 7 bankruptcy involves liquidating some assets, Chapter 13 involves creating a manageable repayment plan. The plan will help you pay back as much as you reasonably can to creditors within a three- to five-year period. After that, your remaining debt will be "discharged" or erased.

Chapter 13 is often an excellent choice for those who have houses, vehicles and other types of property that they want to keep.

Will Filing Bankruptcy Ruin My Credit Score Forever?

No, filing bankruptcy will not permanently damage your credit score. In some cases, wiping the slate clean and starting again can actually be the best and fastest way to regain good credit.

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